No Slippage

Imagine initiating a trade, only to have it execute at a different price. Forget that scenario, as on BankeFeX's platform, the requested price is precisely the one executed for your trade.

Our platform ensures no slippage, assuring that the price at which your trade is executed is exactly the same as the one you see.

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How slippage works & how BankeFeX manages it!

You might be wondering how slippage occurs. In times of high market activity, the price of an instrument can experience significant fluctuations within just a few seconds. These fluctuations may be attributed to software or server lag. Regardless of the causes, slippage can lead to unintended losses or gains.

That's precisely why the native platform of BankeFeX is designed with zero slippage, guaranteeing price transparency and ensuring that a client's trade is executed at the intended price.

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