Negative Balance Protection

BankeFeX provides a range of risk management tools to safeguard your trade, account, and funds.

With negative balance protection, your account is guaranteed to never go below zero.

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The benefits of negative balance protection

Negative balance protection prevents traders from having a negative balance in their account due to losing positions. If you're in a bad trade and losing money quickly, a margin call steps in to automatically close those declining positions, saving you from going into debt.

Negative balance protection ensures that, even in the face of swift market movements against your trades, your account remains shielded from going into the negative. This is particularly crucial for new traders who may not be accustomed to the rapid shifts in markets during announcements, market openings, or periods of general market volatility.

When combined with other risk management tools like Freeze Rate, offered by BankeFeX, traders gain enhanced control over their risk exposure while navigating the market.

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